Frequently Asked Questions

Can you describe the barn itself?

The barn is 1840 sq-ft with a capacity of 85* guests, fully equipped with tables and chairs, a video-sound system and soft and warm lighting. The space offers all the utilities that you need. There's a dedicated space for the caterers, coolers and a great area for storage and bussing. Our team strives for zero waste. Furniture is also available for you and can freely be used (tables, chairs, oak head tables, signature table) and many more that you can see in our brochure.

*read COVID-19 Considerations below

Can we provide our own alcohol?

Yes! This is one of the great cost savings you can benefit from with your wedding at Adélina Barn! Providing your own alcohol saves on average about $60 per person. Some clients choose to charge their guests for drinks to cover alcohol costs—this is up to you. While we can help facilitate this, we are not permitted to make profit off of alcohol sales so we will discuss with you the best approach if needed.

Can we bring in our own caterer?

The Urban Element and Thyme & Again are our preferred caterers for many reasons but primarily because they offer an amazing menu, accommodating staff and coordination support. Should you wish to consider an alternate caterer, please speak to us about this.

Do I need any special permits or insurance?

We will help you obtain an application for a reunion permit which is a quick and easy process and costs under $100. Additional insurance protection is something we can discuss in person and provide you with a contact, should it be required.

Who sets up dining tables with place settings?

This is a part of the service that The Urban Element and Thyme & Again include in their catering package.

Can we have live music?


Are bugs a problem?

No, we do place OFF lanterns in choice places as a plan B but we have never had a client or their guests complain.

Can we wear high heels?

Of course, but remember that you will be outdoors, so we suggest comfortable, flatter shoes or sandals.

Can we bring our pets?

Animals belonging to clients and guests are not permitted. Should it be important to have an animal onsite for the ceremony, please let us know and we can discuss options.

Do you have any heaters for colder days/nights?

The inside of the barn has a heated panel, and some outdoor patio heating as well. We ask you to inform your guests to dress warmer during the cooler months of May-June and September-October.

Do you have preferred vendors?

Other than catering, you are welcome to bring in vendors of your choosing. Should you require a list of our trusted vendors, we are happy to share that with you.

Do your guests drive or rent buses/shuttles?

Most of our guests rent buses because it eliminates the possibility of drinking and driving. We care deeply that you and your guests get to and from our venue safely. We have several transportation vendors we can put you in touch with.

Are candles allowed?

We do allow wax candles throughout the venue as long as they are within glass hurricane vases. We do not permit any candles to be placed on the beams or any of the walls in the barn.

Are there any hotels nearby?

Yes there is an airbnb 10 minutes away that can hold up to 10 people. We often recommend guests to stay at the Hilton Hotel Lac Lemay which is less than 15 minutes away that has great activity.

COVID-19 Considerations

Are you still taking inquiries for 2021 events?

At present yes. We will continue to do whatever we can continue to respect all COVID-19 regulations.

What is your cancellation policy if my event becomes impacted by changing COVID-19 restrictions?

While all deposits paid for bookings at Adélina Barn are not refundable, we will always give you the option of choosing another available date on our calendar. All funds paid will be applied to your new date.

What covid precautions are you taking on site at your venue?

We are following all government protocols applying physical distancing, hand-washing stations at all traffic areas, and having service staff wear masks with catering staff wearing shields. We are able to implement 2-metre distancing as necessary, and as our barn has open doors on all walls, our venue is an open air concept.

How many guests can you hold?

Our venue capacity is 50-60 guests. We follow all Canadian Government and Health restrictions in determining how many people are allowed on site at any given time due to COVID-19.